How can pump clips help market your beverage?

Click here to order pump clips with your design

Click here to order pump clips with your design

Pump clips printed with your beverage name and logo are an essential for all brands, whether fully established or indie. Even if you only have one establishment serving your beverage, you need a pump clip – and here’s why they are so important for marketing.

Increase sales

The first point you need to be aware of is that a pump clip will directly increase sales at the pump. Customers like to look at the pump clips to get an idea of what is on offer, and they may not know what they want to drink before they take a look. They will then choose from the brand names they can see, allowing them to pick something that sounds good to them.

Sometimes, a customer may even stand at the bar with an idea of what they want, see your pump clip, and change your mind. So long as you have carefully considered your brand name and beverage name, the pump clip will do the job of converting customers who would be in your ideal target group. This will directly increase sales at the bar, even without staff explaining your brand or what your beverage tastes like.

Of course, they can also help to increase your sales – but we’ll talk about that later!

Increase brand recognition

Especially for an indie or up-and-coming brewery, it is very important to get some brand recognition going. This is all about increasing your exposure to customers and getting them to recognise your logo and beverage name from pump clips.

The more they see your pump clips, the more they might be tempted to give your drink a try. After all, not everyone is brave enough to try something new the first time they see it. It might take a few tries for them to be convinced. What’s more, just having that recognition in the first place might convince them that you are worth a try. They know your name, have seen you around, and know that you are a popular option – so they decide to order a drink.

Brand recognition can be an important factor in conversion, particularly for consumers who are a little more nervous about trying something new. Having that name printed in front of them, rather than simply said out loud, also means they have the chance to look you up on social media or on your brand website to follow you and find out more for the future.

Start conversations

A pump clip is also a conversation starter between customers and staff. Having seen the clip, a customer might be interested to know more, and they will ask staff behind the bar about the origin of your beverage or what they think about it.

Opening up a conversation allows staff to then go ahead and sell your drink. They will almost always talk about it in positive terms no matter what their personal preference – their job, after all, is to ensure that their establishment does a good turnover and sells as many drinks as possible. A recommendation as well as full details about the drink is sure to follow when a customer asks a question.

There are lots of ways to market your beverages, but when customers are standing at the bar, a pump clip is one of the best options. It helps to convert customers, increases your brand recognition, and allows bar staff to offer recommendations about your brand. All of that adds up to more sales, more customers, and more people interested in finding out more about you as a brewer or brewery.

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